10 Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Wedding Date

Choosing a wedding date is not that simple. You will need to carry out plenty of research before deciding the date of your big day. Here are ten most important factors to consider before you set your wedding date.

Time to plan

You will want to ensure you have adequate time to organize your wedding without becoming too stressed. It’s recommended that you take at least one year to organize your wedding. However, if you start planning now, you can have your wedding in 9-6 months.

Your schedule

Many newlyweds want to have their honeymoon soon after their wedding day, so make sure to get sufficient time off school or work to accommodate your hectic pre-wedding program and post-wedding vacation. In addition, consider the busiest times of the year in your job. For example, people in accounts will possibly want to avoid getting married between the months of January and April.

Guests’ schedules

While you and your partner are the VIPs at your wedding, you’ll want to make sure to select a day on which most of your key guests are available. If one of your relatives is getting hitched on the other part of the country, don’t choose a date that’s so close to that wedding or you’ll be vying for guests who’ll need to take time away from work to travel.

The weather and season

What’s your favorite season to get married in? Winter? Summer? Spring? Fall? Take into account the weather conditions of the area where you’re planning on getting married, especially if you’ve love an outdoor wedding.

Availability of dream venue

If you’ve always dreamed of tying the knot at a certain venue, check its availability before you set a date. But if you don’t mind any venue, you can set the date and then begin hunting for a venue. Make sure to check out http://www.bluebendphotography.com/wedding-venues/ for some nice wedding venues.

Your loved ones and friends

Talk to your loved ones and close friends about any crucial dates they’re looking forward to. Perhaps your father has an annual work convention he can’t miss. Maybe your sister expects to give birth in the spring. Ensure that such dates are really important before taking them into consideration.

Other weddings

Is any member of your family or close friend tying the knot soon? Consider their wedding date while deciding your own date. It may be hard for friends or family members to travel on consecutive weekends, so try to create a space of at least 1-2 weeks in between weddings.


There are good and bad sides to getting married on or close to a holiday. For example, if you marry around Christmas, your family and friends may have returned home already and you may not incur extra travel expenses. However, families are usually busy during Christmas and venue and food prices go through the roof.

Some venues also go quickly around holidays for family meetings. But getting married on a holiday such as Labor Day can be perfect for couples. You can typically get a better deal on a venue if the date is on Sunday, and your visitors won’t need to take some time off work during the long weekend. Besides, attending a wedding during a long weekend can be a good excuse for a mini getaway.

National events

Consider the important national events your family and friends truly care about. For example, if your family is crazy about football, you should definitely not get married during the Super Bowl.

Local events

Sporting events, major conventions, parades, as well as other local events can cause lots of traffic and sold-out hotels. So, consider this before setting your wedding date. Contact your local town hall or chamber of commerce to know when important events will be held.


Surprisingly, it’s cheaper to marry in November than in June. If your budget is a little tight, consider getting married in the off-season. Or consider marrying on any weekday except Saturday as venues are often less expensive then. Getting married on a Sunday, Friday or on the workweek may be a big ask for your visitors, but if you give your guests adequate notice and you’re having a fairly small wedding, your family and friends will surely understand.

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