Best Places to go for a Walk

During your everyday life, you will probably spend a great chunk of it sitting down. Throughout your childhood years, you will spend (or have already spent) 30-plus hours a week in school listening to teachers give lessons. Then, when you step into the real world, depending on your occupation, you could spend 40-plus hours a week sitting in an office or similar work environment. This makes it more important than ever to get a proper amount of exercise throughout the week. And a tremendous way to do that is to go for a walk. But, the question is how do you keep walking from becoming dull and monotonous. Perhaps, try doing so in the following places/locations.

Through a Trail or the Woods

For nature enthusiasts, this is without a doubt the best way for you to make walking enjoyable. As a matter of fact, this is one of two ways on this list you could get away with biking (if you prefer it). Either way, there are a few reasons why doing so in the middle of nature is a worthwhile experience. For one, you get to enjoy the natural surroundings and birds chirping. It also can relax your spirit and mind and give you a temporary escape from the real world. If you thoroughly enjoy camping, this also gives you another activity to divulge in when doing so. The rest, all you must do is find a local trail or portion of the woods that is legal to traverse on.

In the Mall

This is the first instance where you create the illusion of exercise, as the main purpose of going to a mall is to shop around. However, without even realizing it, you may end up walking miles’ worth of distance (depending on how massive the mall is). Perhaps the hardest aspect of exercising is getting your mind to enjoy doing it. Thus, if you can find a way to distract your mind from what you are doing you can exercise easier; which is exactly what this accomplishes. You get to spend an afternoon of shopping through various outlets and stores while getting enough exercise for the entire day, is there anything better?

While Golfing

Perhaps you could substitute this with any recreational sport in the world, but golfing is the best example. Obviously, this is dependent on a few factors. One, if you actually enjoy the sport of golf and two, if you choose to walk and not ride in a cart. Although it may not seem like it as first, due to the frustration of the game, walking nine holes is extremely peaceful. Much like when walking on a trail, it is a great way to step aside from the stresses of your life. In addition, your main focus is not walking but golfing. In a way, this combines the first two entries into one.

Along the Beach

If you have not quite figured it out yet with several of these entries, walking with a sense of nature is one of the best ways to go. Another one to chalk up on your list is alongside the beach or any body of water that has sand on the coast side. The key differences here, however, are enjoying the sand in-between your toes and the sound of waves hitting the water. The bigger and sandier the beach, the better.

Indoors on a Bicycle or Treadmill

Alright, so what if you do not feel like going anywhere and the weather is abysmal outside? Do not worry, there are still ways for you to get an exercise by walking. It is just, you will not physically walk anywhere because you must do so on a bicycle or treadmill. As previously mentioned, this is the second way for you to either go with walking or biking. No matter the way you go is irrelevant because, if you think about it, you can work your legs the same as you choose how fast you are running/peddling. However, this method will require a little research on your part as there are several different variations. To get a glimpse at an excellent model, be sure to check out

Walking is a great form of exercise, but you must learn to make it exciting. The above are just some of the ways of accomplishing that, so why not try them out?

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