British Food isn’t that bad

If I asked you to think of London or the United Kingdom in general then I reckon I could take a fairly accurate stab at what you would thinking about. The answers are as prominent as our famous wonky and discoloured teeth (this isn’t true just so you are all aware…) In no particular order I’ll use my psychic abilities to tell you what you are thinking. I am going to go with: rain, the Queen, tea, cricket and of course the one we are going to be talking about today, the humble British pub.

Anyone who travels over to this green and pleasant land knows will have learnt that pubs are the lifeblood of many a British community. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a small village out in the shires, a town with more children in tracksuits than street signs or even the biggest city of them all, London. You can guarantee that without any hesitation if you mutter the immortal phrase “do you want to go to the pub” to a then you will be given the option of 14 different establishments, all with slight variations on the Red Lion or King George and you may not have a clue what is going on. To tell you the truth, most pubs are much of a muchness and to the untrained eye there are no differences between them all. However, once you become a more practised hand, and yes that is a euphemism for alcoholic in all but name, you will begin to take in and appreciate the subtle nuances of each location. Each pub has slightly different ales and bitters, the locals which frequent these establishments are often shall we say unique too, but if you are lucky, and I feel the need to stress only if you are extremely lucky, then you may find a pub which has a pub dog too. I am almost certain that this is a scientifically proved fact that these are the cutest dogs of them all too, so if you do spot one you are in for a treat.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty. The part which is another stereotype which simply doesn’t stack up in this day and age. Let’s talk about the food. It is a long held stereotype that British food is less than satisfactory but nowadays this is somewhat of a fallacy. Bear in mind that it did state somewhat and the Great British pub only underlines this point. You can go into a pub and have one of the best meals of your life. Pub Grub as it is called over here is absolutely incredible when it is done right. You can tuck in to a delicious bringer which you know isn’t going to be good for you but you don’t care, you can experience the famous Sunday roast, or you can even taste one of the recipes the pubs have taken from Long story short there is an awful lot of choice available for the average person. This isn’t to say that it is all good though. As someone who has had their fair share of pub food over the years I can testify that it isn’t all good and the stereotype is there for a reason. If you order the wrong thing then you will know about it but all things considered you have a much higher chance of grabbing something nice than something nasty!

A British pub is something that everyone should experience once in their lives. They are a great place to meet new and interesting people (sometimes too interesting!), have a drink or seven and grab some food after a tough days work. Each one has their own personality and until you venture into them to find out what it is you won’t ever know what I am talking about. If you are over in the UK visiting then you could to a lot worse than to visit a pub. They are one of the best ways to pick up the British lingo and find out a bit more of what we are all about. If you do make it over, I’ll even buy the first beer for you.

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