Burn Injuries: When Does it Become Negligence?

You might not be able to acknowledge it, but you think a lot and care about what other people say about you. Public perception also matters a lot in various professions, when meeting new people and when making first impressions. But all these can be changed by a burn injury.

When you suffer burns, not only do you experience extreme pain but you also go through emotional and mental anguish especially if the injury causes disfigurement and scars. Scars can cause anxiety and a drop in your self-confidence. It might even affect relationships between friends and your spouse.

You will also find out that you might not be able to work in your chosen profession due to the scarring. This happens in jobs that require you to be the public face of the employer. Losing your wages can destroy your financial life adding to the suffering you have gone through.

Seek Legal Help

When you suffer a burn due to negligence on the part of the medical expert, you end up feeling a sense of betrayal because the doctor is supposed to take care of you. You placed all your trust in the doctor and his nurses to make you well, but you end up with life-changing burns. If you decide to hold the medical provider who caused the injuries responsible, an experienced attorney from The Medical Negligence Experts can help.

What Burn Injuries Do You Risk Experiencing?

Many people think that the only burn injuries they can experience can be caused by fire or touching a hot object. Burns come in various forms with different causes behind them. Burns caused by medical negligence fall into various categories:

Radiation Burns

Radiation is a treatment method used in cancer therapy. When the doctor uses too much radiation during the process, or if the doctor doesn’t know what to do, radiation burns occur. These burns can destroy tissue, which is the reason it is used to kill cancer cells. When applied to normal tissue, it can lead to severe burns.

Chemical Burns

These occur when you come into contact with dangerous chemicals that burn the skin or deeper tissue. Some of the culprits in such a case include industrial cleaning chemicals that are not properly stored within the hospital premises.

Laser Burns

The advent of the laser has made medical treatment field advanced in various ways. However, every blessing never lacks a flaw. This tool has been used in various surgical procedures on various parts of the body ranging from the eyes to the tummy.

The use of laser comes with its risks, especially when placed in the hands of a provider who doesn’t have the right experience or training. Scarring and burns have been seen in many procedures, top on the list being laser hair removal procedures.

Electrical Burns

If the hospital or medical facility doesn’t maintain the equipment or premises, the patient might come into contact with exposed wires or faulty wiring and end up getting burnt. When this happens, the facility is held liable for the injuries.

Thermal Burns

These are caused by sources such as scalding liquids or open flames. An example is when an autoclave instrument isn’t appropriately cooled before getting used on the patient. When this happens, severe burns occur.

Final Thoughts

Negligence occurs in various aspects of medicine. Various actions can cause burns to the patient, ranging from deliberate actions on the part of the doctor and unintentional actions. When this happens, you need to find the right medical negligence attorney to help you file a claim for injuries and damages you experience. Don’t wait until it’s too late, start the legal process early to get best results.

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