The image of the Mater Dolorosa is used to represent Maitresse Erzulie Freda Greetings in the name of God, the ancestors and the lwa! I invite you to perform a service for the lwa Erzulie Freda!

Maitresse Mambo Erzuile Freda is one of the best known of the Vodou lwa, yet one of the most difficult to understand. She is at once one of the most powerful and beneficial of lwa, and one of the most terrifying and demanding.

Click here to order your Erzulie Freda Instructional Package! Obviously such a lwa as Erzulie Freda requires a certain degree of... finesse! But even a non-initiate can make a powerful and effective service for Erzulie Freda - especially if the non-initiate has the materials, the bath and the songs provided in the Erzulie Freda Instructional Package.

Although Dahomeyan (Beninois) in origin, Erzulie Freda is identified with the image of the Mater Dolorosa, a beautiful white Mary draped in pearls and gold, standing among heart-shaped gems and medallions of all descriptions. She wears many rings on her fingers, her robe is rich and beautiful, and she wears a fabulous crown. Thrust into her heart is a sword, and she supports this wound calmly, holding her robe up under the sword with her own hands.

Erzulie Freda loves pleasing fragrances - basil, Florida Water, perfumes, powder. She is served with the white of the Rada lwa or with pink. All of her altar clothes and objects must be immaculately clean.

Erzulie Freda wears three golden rings, one for each of her husbands among the lwa - Dambala Wedo, Met Agwe Tawoyo, and Ogoun Feray. A serious, permanent altar to Erzulie Freda should include these three golden rings, and a gold chain.

As you might guess from all of this, Erzulie Freda is a lwa of great wealth, the embodiment of luxury, refinement and abundance. In largely Creole-speaking Haiti, Erzulie Freda speaks French, the language identified with wealth and refined sophistication. She is identified with coolness freshness, and cleanliness.

Erzulie Freda can confer enormous material wealth, she can refresh and renew a tired spirit. She gives luck in games of chance, she can inspire romantic love. She can break any wanga, and her mere presence is sufficient to spoil any poison.

She is often blamed for drug addictions, and if angered she can drive her human victim through a series of fruitless relationships, forcing the person to fall in love and become heartbroken over and over again.

Gay men are said to be under her particular patronage, but this is not always so. Not every gay man is a child of Erzulie Freda. Heterosexual men without the slightest homosexual tendency may also have Erzuile Freda as their met tet - and lucky for them if they do!

Erzulie Freda embodies the drive for perfection. She will be pleased with whatever service is offered to her, but then... she will want more. She will want more or better food, a dress for her to wear - oh, she has a dress already? Then she will want one which is yet more beautiful! The champagne is finished? She will want more, immediately! When her demands surpass the capacity of the attending Houngan or Mambo, Erzulie Freda falls into tears, desperately sorrowful tears. At that moment, she becomes the Mater Dolorosa, draped in wealth and magnificence, wounded by the imperfections of the world.

This service will be about love and wealth, because we all need love and we all need money. We will invoke for love and wealth. If you already have a partner, your relationship will be reinvigorated! If you don't have one, and you want one, you will have a good chance of finding one. What you choose to do with wealth is up to you - you can take care of personal needs, give some to other people, and buy nice things for your lwa.

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Erzulie Freda's color is pink. Because she is a Rada lwa, she is also served with white. She loves lace, brocade and embroidery.

Thus, begin by covering your altar with a pink cloth. Place in the middle of the altar a beautiful goblet of water to keep Erzulie Freda cool. Then add any of the following items:

Pink and white silk kerchiefs, pink and white flowers, heart images such as those on Valentine's Day cards, the Tarot images of the Empress; gold chains and rings. Also place on your altar one white candle and one pink candle.

You can give Erzulie Freda food and drink offerings - the champagne mentioned above, Her preferred foods are luxury items - cakes with pink icing, white rice puddings, things which are refined, costly and sweet. Her drink? Why, champagne of course, and pink champagne above all!

Dress in pink clothes with nice decorations if you can - but NO red and NO black. If you can not find pink clothes, wear all white and add pink belts or kerchiefs or necklaces. Tie your head with pink.

You can get images of the Mater Dolorosa to represent Erzulie Freda. Most botanicas sell these images, and the image of the Mater Dolorosa is included in the Erzulie Freda Instructional Package. Put them on the wall behind your altar or pin them to the altar cloth where it hangs down in front of the altar.

Begin as usual with the Lords' Prayer, the Hail Mary, and the Apostles' Creed, or if these prayers are not appropriate for you because you are Jewish or of some other faith, address in prayer the One Most High God. At this time light your white candle.

Then invoke Legba. Say this:

Papa Legba open the gate for me!
Atibon Legba open the gate for me!
Open the gate for me, Papa, so that I can pass,
When I return, I will thank the lwa.

Now speak to Erzulie Freda. Pour out a little cool wter three times on the ground. Sprinkle the altar with Florida Water, and sprinkle some on the food offerings anything else you have provided for her. Light your pink candle.

Say "Maitresse Mambo Erzulie Freda Dahomey! Beautiful woman! Woman of luck! Woman of my house! Come here I beg you and accept these offerings!"

You can put a small pink candle in each food offering, and present it individually. Breathe on the food, touch it to your head, heart and pubic area and put it on the altar. Light the candle in the food offering.

Dance with elegant, flirtatious movements, swing your hips but be refined, don't go Las Vegas! If you know Vodou songs about Freda sing them, otherwise sing love songs. Naturally it would be better if you knew a few Vodou songs for Erzulie Freda but most people in the USA don't know any so don't worry if you don't either. Dance with elegance, dance with charm!

Once you feel her presence, say, "Maitresse Erzulie Freda, you see this food? You see this champagne? You see ME? Please give me... " (and here you will ask for whatever you want, whether it is love or wealth or luck in a certain situation, or the nullification of bad magic directed against you.)

If you specifically want a lover prepare a pink candle by cleaning it carefully, and writing the name of the person you desire on the candle by scratching it with a gold pin, if possible. If you don't have anyone special in mind, just write "A man (or woman) to love and caress me." Put that candle in one of the food offerings.

Now sit down and spend some time in front of your altar. Do divination if you want to. You can read cards or throw coconut or use cowries or whatever you usually do.

When you are ready, leave the room and let the candles in the food offerings burn to the end. Sleep in pink pajamas on pink sheets if you can. White sheets would be the next best choice. The next morning throw the food offerings away in the woods under a bush where no one will find them. Keep the champagne on your altar, along with the other objects you have provided for Erzulie Freda.

Watch and see what happens!

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