Atibon Legba is the lwa of the openings and doorways and communication and tricks. He has all kinds of tricks! He makes things happen in all sorts of humorous, unexpected, impossible sorts of ways.

Legba unexpectedly possesses Mambo Racine at a ceremony for La Sirene Legba's colors are white in Rada and red in Petro. So cover your altar with white and red cloths! Have fun - decorate your altar with candles in multiples of three. Three red and three white candles, or groups of two white and one red, votives or tapers or glassed seven-day candles, as you wish. You may use more than one group of three. Place three clean copper pennies on your altar. Pin Legba's vever (available in the Legba Instructional Package) to the front of your altar, or attach it to the wall behind your altar. Offer him any of the following items - a bottle of rum, a djakout or straw bag (available from The Vodou Emporium), a crutch or baton, a big straw hat, mirrors, and images of St. Lazarus.

The Legba Instructional Package, which contains songs, translations, an herbal bath, an image of St. Lazarus, a vever, and other items, will be very helpful to you, but you don't absolutely have to have it to serve Legba - it just helps you make more effective service.

Services for Legba in Haiti often include bonfires. If you can make a fire in your back yard by all means go ahead! If you can make a bonfire, you can also make your altar right there.

If possible, learn the liturgy offered in the Vodou Ceremonial Service Instructional Package. This liturgy precedes service to Legba. But if you haven't learned this liturgy, simply begin by lighting a white candle and placing it next to a glass of water. Say the Lord's Prayer and the Hail Mary, or other appropriate prayers to the One God of All. Each prayer should be repeated three times.

Now progress to the lwa, and invoke Legba. Invoke Legba as follows:

Papa Legba open the gate for me, ago e!
Atibon Legba open the gate for me!
Open the gate for me, Papa, for me to pass,
When I return, I will thank the lwa.

Pour a little water or rum three times on the ground or on the floor. Present food offerings including boiled sweet potatos, yams, rice and beans, corn. Legba's sacrificial animal is a rooster, and in general it is wise to offer his wife a hen. Initiates of the Roots Without End Society know the name of Legba's wife, and her service.

Sing and dance in front of your altar. Illustrate by your movements that you are passing through barriers, opening doorways. Try to have someone with you in case you become possessed, although this is less likely for non-initiates. Sing the songs for Legba that you know. If you don't know any, that's okay, sing any song you can think of that is about doors and gates and crossroads. Even the John Lee Hooker classic "Standing at the crossroads, don't know which way to go..." will do if you can't sing anything else!

Then make your specific requests of Legba. And be sure to say, "Thank you in advance". Make your request to Legba three times.

Take the three copper pennies and carry them in your hand to a crossroad. Walk around the crossroad calling Legba (if you can't do it out loud because there are people around, just call him in your heart. In Haiti we Vodouisants are in the majority, so we just do what we want and everyone understands! LOL!) Then walk to the middle of the crossroads and throw the three pennies over your shoulder behind you, and tell Legba, "I pay you!" Expect results including financial gain in the near future.

Leave the room while the candles in the food offerings burn to the end, but do not leave burning candles unattended in your home. Just stay in the house until they burn out. The next day, throw the food in the bushes somewhere that no one will find it.

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