Essential Hoverboard Safety Tips

You’ve probably seen videos of people trying out hoverboards and the end result wasn’t pleasing. There also videos of knock-off batteries that explode and put you at risk. Hoverboards can be a great way to display a few tricks or even get around the neighborhood. However, just like anything mechanical, you should know this, precautions are essential.

If you just got a new hoverboard, here are some safety tips to take into consideration.

Find out if your hoverboard is genuine

Determining whether your hoverboard is genuine can be tricky as there is no safety standard in place for hoverboard. In addition, no one can really tell what a genuine hoverboard looks like and most counterfeit hoverboards look similar to the genuine ones. While it’s difficult to tell if you’ve purchased a genuine hoverboard, you can be on the safe side by purchasing from a reputable hoverboard maker like Hovertrax, Swagway, and PhunkeeDuck. These companies prioritise safety and are genuine compared to those you find on EBay.

Know where to ride

While you can ride your hoverboard in parks, your neighborhood, and in places that allow the use of skateboards, it’s up to you to decide on the best place to ride your electric scooter.  Some cities have restricted their use on the streets. It’s best to know what the law permits in terms of hoverboard riding.

Practice before going outside

It’s exciting to get a new hoverboard but don’t be in a rush to hit the roads before you practice. Most people fall because they lack essential balancing skills. Getting on top of the scooter and off it is important because you have to learn to use one foot at a time. When getting off board, remember to step backwards and not forward. Be sure not to bend your knees. Your posture should also be straight and your feet relatively apart. Keeping your eyes straight will also allow you to perfectly balance on the board. Practice this at home before going to the streets.

Avoid charging the hoverboards overnight

You probably used to charging your phone and other electronic devices overnight. You shouldn’t do the same for hoverboards. Typical hoverboards take 2-4 hours to fully charge. Overcharging them could put you at risk as the batteries could suck up power once they are charged. It’s highly recommended to charge your hoverboard in a spacious area and unplug it once it’s charged. Moreover, avoid charging hoverboards right after riding them. Wait for at least an hour before recharging them.

Always wear protective gear

While this may seem obvious to a lot of people, it’s one that is easily forgotten. You, may have seen vides of people on their hoverboards without protective gear and you may be tempted to think that you don’t need a helmet when you ride. Before riding, you need to wear your helmet to padding to ensure that you’re protected in case you fall.

Stay safe when riding at night

Hoverboards have lights but they are not as bright. These means that you need to take more precautions. When riding at night, have some light up shoes that flash and change colors to attract attention.

Use your hoverboard correctly

You may have seen how skateboard riders fly through the air and take long high ramps to finally land. Do not try this with your hoverboard. Skateboards are manually operated and all you need is your feet. Hoverboards have a battery and tend to move slowly. Trying any skateboard tricks on your hoverboard could result in a crash and fatal injuries. If you’re looking to enjoy a good time with your electrical scooter, it’s best to stick to easy riding on smooth pavement areas.

Avoid distractions

When using the board, avoid listening to music or using your cell phone. All your focus should be on the board to avoid collision with people or cars. Furthermore, stay away from crowds unless you are comfortable with the board.

Do not bring them on your next flights

Airlines across the world are banning hoverboards due to the increased accidents and cases of explosion.  Frontier, JetBlue, Alaska, Virgin America and Delta have banned them in checked and in carryon luggage.

Supervise your kids

As a parent, you need to keep a close eye on your children as they use the board to reduce the risk of them getting into an accident.  Also, make sure that the boards are stored in a safe place and that they are powered off.

Using a hoverboard can be an enjoyable experience if you take all the safety precautions into consideration. Purchase your board from a genuine manufacturer and practice before you get to the streets.


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