Growing Your Business on Twitter

At one point or another, you have wondered whether using Twitter can put you among the marketing bigwigs. The truth is that you can only enjoy what this platform brings if you learn how to use it the right way.

So, how can you harness the power of Twitter to gain more followers, fans and get loyal customers that are in love with your products and services?

Have Clear Goals

Do you know that no strategy can work without having the right goals? Without any goals to follow, you are most likely to make a lot of mistakes in your content marketing.

According to studies, more than 40 percent of companies aren’t so sure if their efforts on social media are bringing in any results. They aren’t sure because they don’t have any milestones to track their performance against.

Many brands are just posting content on Twitter and then hoping that people get to interact with the content. This doesn’t work at all. What you need to do to avoid such a scenario is to make sure you have short-term and long-term goals.

The goals you go out to achieve can be:

    • Get more traffic to your site.
    • Generate sales leads.
    • Provide better customer care.
    • Get more followers.
    • Network with peers.

Choose a deadline for each goal depending on how much effort you plan to put in.

Engage More

To make Twitter more productive for you, it is ideal that you become more active on the platform. Even though you get more followers, they won’t mean anything if these users aren’t engaging with you at all.

The best ways to get more active followers is to use Twitter chats in the right way. People make use of Twitter to talk and exchange ideas; they don’t use the platform to view content. Most of the users that engage in the chats end up retweeting your posts, reply to the tweets and share the information with other audiences. This is why it is vital that you check out the conversations happening in your industry and then jump right into the conversation.

Make sure you reply to people and tag them in the response so that they see that you are directing your focus to them.

Many times you won’t be able to find chats that relate to your niche, and when this happens, you can start your conversation.

Create a Content Strategy

You need a content schedule to grow your business on Twitter. You need to know hat you are going to post and when to post so that you get more engagement on the platform.

You need to know what type of content you will post each day of the week, and what times you need to post. The time you choose to tweet depends on what you are looking to achieve. You can use a bot to auto follow, auto tweet, and auto like so that you don’t have to be online each time. Using the bot gives you more time to come up with the right content.

When creating the strategy, make sure you use different types of content so that you appeal to a wide range of users. Use video, text, and images to catch the attention of all sorts of users on this platform.

In Closing

Twitter is a great platform to build your brand and make it stand out. Take time to understand your audience so that you offer what they are looking for. Come up with a content strategy so that you know what to post and at what time.

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