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Vodou Reading for 2012
Vodou Reading for the Year 2012, by Mambo Racine, predicts the coming year and identifies ruling lwa and spiritual allies. A must read, especially after the spot-on accuracy of the readings for 2010 and 2011!
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Love Magic!
In theory and in practice, love magic can be a powerful tool for changing your life.
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Solen the Magician is back!
A powerful and fearless magician with a soft spot for people with love problems. Sex magic, money magic, and magical battles are all part of Solen's expertise.
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Upcoming Calendar Events

The July 2012 Kanzo
Initiation ceremonies! Authentic and correct, in a safe and positive environment. This is a long-awaited opportunity.
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Divination with Mambo Racine
You can obtain a reading from Mambo Racine, long-distance. Positive, honest interpretations.
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The Dambala Circle
NOW UNTIL MARCH 17, 2012 - FREE online workshop and discussion. Come and learn the service of Dambala Wedo, altar building, magical work and much more.
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Services in Massachusetts!
Workshops, Exhibits and More

Mambo Racine will be offering more and more services and workshopsin 2012. Keep checking this page for dates and places.
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The Vodou Emporium

The Vodou Emporium carries Vodou-related items including the popular Instructional Packages, Vodou flags and Vodou herbal baths.
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The Dambala Wedo Instructional Package - Learn to serve Dambala! Linked with the Dambala Circle on Facebook, it offers recorded songs with transcriptions and translations, images, candles, magical herbs processed and empowered by medsen fey (herbalist) Loulou Prince.
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Dambala Wedo Wanga Bottle Kit - A fabulous grab bag of materials - cloth, thread, lace, sequins, beads, feathers, images, and more! Learn to make a powerful ceremonial object. PLUS - access to a secret group which provides instruction and discussion.
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Greetings in the name of God/Goddess, the ancestors, and the lwa!

~ Mwen salywe tout petit Ginen onon Bondye ak tout lwa yo!

Houngan Trete Sa and Mambo Racine head a procession in the Roots Without End Society peristyleThe Roots Without End Society is an international Vodou society. Our membership is worldwide! People from Haiti, the United States, Canada, Holland, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, England, New Zealand, Nigeria, and many other countries are members of the Roots Without End Society.

Our home peristyle is located in Haiti's cultural capital, the beautiful town of Jacmel. Our Haitian membership all live in the Jacmel area, and when we have ceremonies, every Haitian member is present and willing to assist you to learn more about this powerful and beautiful religion.

The Roots Without End Society also offers Vodou ceremonies in the United States and around the world! We have held ceremonies in New Orleans, Las Vegas, western Massachusetts, San Francisco, upstate New York, and London, England; and we plan to offer many more in the future.

Mambo Racine surrounded by several Haitian and international initiates. The Roots Without End Society is led by Mambo Racine Sans Bout. In addition to Vodou ceremonies in Haiti and around the world, Mambo Racine and the Roots Without End Society offer training in the Vodou religion and related magic, initiation in Vodou, magical work, readings and divination, herbal healing, and many other resources.

All are welcome! Ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, nationality - none of these are any obstacle to participation in Vodou.

Through this website, you can access the world of information about Vodou! The Roots Without End Society is proud to offer a wide variety of resources for you, including online instruction in Vodou, the opportunity to participate in workshops and ceremonies, Vodou-related merchandise, the services of Vodou magicians, and the greatest resource of all - the opportunity to receive the sacrament of the kanzo, the ceremony of initiation in Vodou. Please feel free to enjoy these online resources, and please feel free to email me, Mambo Racine, with your questions, comments and inspiration!

Some of the members and associates of the Roots Without End Society
Come meet the members of our house! You can be a part of our house too, if you like.

Vodou Magicians - Roots Without End Society members, experienced magical practitioners who will assist you. These men and women will work for you and perform magic for love, employment, justice against oppressors, power, wealth and other goals.

Vodou Initiation - The kanzo, the most empowering, life-changing experience we know of! This centuries-old ceremony of rebirth and empowerment is conducted with great care for authenticity, correctness and effectiveness by Mambo Racine, the Roots Without End Society, and assisting Haitian Houngans and Mambos. Our next kanzo will be offered in December 2011.

Mambo Racine conducts a Vodou ceremony at Touchstone Farm in Easthampton, Massachusetts, USA.

Discussion Forums

The Roots Without End Society offers two public discussion forums:

Mambo Racine's Vodou Forum - the world's largest online discussion forum devoted to the topic of Haitian Vodou. Moderated, happy and productive.

Vodou Across the Water - a forum specifically for Vodouisants living outside of Haiti. Would you like to link up with other practitioners in your area? How about locating ceremonial items where you live? Come join!

Information about Vodou - On The VODOU Page, Mambo Racine discusses many aspects of Vodou practice in Haiti and overseas, and offers a Vodou Lesson series, Special Topics, and much more.

Instructional Packages - Each a treasure trove of materials including audiocassettes, herbal baths, blessed candles, vevers, images, and much more. You can use these Instructional Packages to learn more about Vodou at home.

Houngan Wolmer, senior Houngan of the Roots Without End Society, addresses Almighty God

Vodou artisanry - The Vodou Emporium offers Vodou flags, Vodou ceremonial objects of many sorts imported from Haiti, drums, CD's of Vodou music... an ever-expanding list.

Fre Denye, Se Denye - This expression, meaning "last brother, last sister", expresses the concept that even initiates of different houses are brothers and sisters. Here are links to web pages offered by Roots Without End Society members, and by other Vodouisants, including a very easy-to-use Vodou chat room.

Mambo Racine Sans Bout and the Roots Without End Society thank you for your interest in this fascinating, powerful tradition! We stand ready to support your voyage into Vodou.

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