Italy just keeps waffling on

When you think of Italy what do you think of? It is a country which is seeped in history so the answer from person to person will be as varied as the colours of the hundreds and thousands sprinkles. For some it may be the abundance of pasta for which the nation is famous. For others it could be the rolling hills of the beautiful Tuscan towns and villages. However with all of this being said, my vote has to go to the incredible waffles which are made and sold by the bucket load by our Italian cousins. This may seem like an answer straight out of the left field, but for me it is one that rings very true. Having visited four cities in this incredible country (Rome, Venice, Florence and Bologna) I can testify that they love their waffles almost as much as they love Jesus over there!

It isn’t just desert waffles that Italy has either. They have waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner but my favourite is still those which you have as a post dinner snack. The Italians had created flavour combinations which would not have crossed my mind in a million years of trying to think them up! You can have Nutella with your waffles, some gelato (of which there are so many flavours I could devote a whole other article to and I may do just that later!) and even a huge pile of fruit. The options really are limitless and I could not be more thankful for that! My personal favourite is a waffle which is smothered in Nutella with five or six juicy strawberries on top. Everyone’s different but if you just test this combination out you’ll be thanking me for years later!

What the Italians have given the rest of the world here is the chance to experiment. As an Englishman my tastes are as famously bland as you can probably imagine but you are free to do with these incredible pieces of food whatever you wish. My transatlantic cousins across the pond in the U.S of A may want to try their infamous peanut butter and jelly pairing, and people from Australia may even be tempted to test whether or not Vegemite will taste nice enough to eat on a waffle! The moral of the story here is that if you are creative enough to think of it, it will probably taste delicious on a waffle. A great tool and place to keep note of all of your new recipes you’ve tried out and to find others to tingle your taste buds is This site is absolutely jam packed with recipes and even ways to make the waffles in the first place, so if I have tempted you into the world of waffles it is not something you will want to miss.

After my amazing experiences in Italy in finding out that these waffles existed and being so incredibly grateful that they came into my life, I really wanted to share this information with you and I hope I have done just that! Waffles are a great meal at any time of the day. You can have them for breakfast with some fruit, for lunch with a little bit of honey and lemon drizzled on them and you can even tuck into them after dinner if you are looking for a sweet treat (I’ve already told you my preference here so I won’t do that again!) They are so versatile and so delicious that you would be silly not to at least try them before you write them off. If you don’t like them then lesson learned! You don’t even need to travel all of the way over to Italy to grab these goodies. If you just pop down to your local shop I am sure they will have them in stock, and whilst they may not be as nice as their Italian counterparts, they will still be nice enough to put a big smile on your face and fill up that big whole in your belly! You need to take a closer look and dive in. What’s the worst that could happen? Ohh, right, you could get very fat. Well, best be careful then hadn’t we…

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