Learning The Importance of Quality

Growing up on a farm as I did, you worked and you learned a lot. It was hard work but rewarding. I would argue you learned a lot of life’s most important lessons at a young age. It was a very particular upbringing that you could only understand if you actually lived it. Every kid who was raised on a farm has great stories and saw some things, both good and not so good, that stay with you for your lifetime. There’s no denying it was a lifestyle that many other kids couldn’t understand, yet were very curious to learn more about. As I’ve stated before, our farm was in our family for generations and I’ll never forget the one-of-a-kind experiences I had there. Living on a farm taught us responsibility, it taught us about life and death. If you didn’t work, you didn’t eat. That’s not to suggest our parents were slave drivers who forced us into manual labor for table scraps, but we were taught the power of hard work, of chores that needed to be done, and that an honest day’s work was how you sustained oneself, to live. Were we sent to our rooms without dinner if we didn’t get our chores done or if we misbehaved? Of course. That was discipline, but my Mother always made sure we understood what we did wrong before sneaking up a piece of chicken, some potatoes and a glass of milk so we wouldn’t go to bed hungry. But we always learned our lesson and it shaped us into good people.

Our family grew corn and my parents were very dedicated to it. One of the most crucial warnings our parents had to knock into our heads was never to play in or around the grain elevator or a silo. These were hazardous areas where even the most skilled farmers could find themselves in trouble or worse. My Father always warned us, even as we grew older and more experienced, never to be complacent around any of our machines. But the bins were especially important, because one bad move could easily result in your getting sucked into a sinkhole and literally drowning in corn. We learned to respect hard work and ourselves by growing the food we put on our table, building things with our hands. I knew the value of things and the importance of quality in everything that we put trust and reliance on each day. So when it came time to buy a new miter saw I wanted to hear from someone who understood this importance and knew how to determine the good from the bad. I found that I was able to trust Straight Kerfs. They demonstrated their ability and expertise in their reviews by pointing out the pros and cons of the products they reviewed. I found a dependable saw on their site and I was even able to buy it online and have it delivered.

I don’t live on a farm now, but I still remember the things I learned there in my youth. Those things stay with you for a lifetime and it’s a warm feeling to know there are other folks out there who appreciate those same values when it comes to spending your hard-earned money on a quality product.

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