Let Them Eat Cake

If ever there is a fund raising event, I am your girl.  I am known in my neighbourhood for being the mad, crazy person who will do just about anything to raise money for charity.


I have shaved my head, jumped out of a plane, had a sponsored tattoo, sat in a bath full of cold beans, yeah I guess they are right, I have certainly done some crazy things over the years.

When I heard my friend’s mum, Ida, had a little known, incurable disease and needed to raise money for some medication that would make her life a bit more comfortable. I knew I had to raise some money for her.

Ida now lived in a care home due to her medical needs. How could I raise money and get the whole care home and their relatives involved?

Bake Sale

I met with the care home manager and she really loved my idea of a bake sale.

My idea was to bake bread and cakes to sell. Wine and sweet treats for the relatives of the residents, and the residents themselves and have candy for the kids.

My friend is a singer and she had agreed to donate her time for free.  So there would music too.  It would be a good old fashioned ‘knee’s’ up!

The date was set, we agreed the details and now for the cooking…

Cooking up a Storm

I decided to bake some speciality breads and bake cakes, lots and lots of cakes. As time was of the essence, I only had two days to get everything done, I enlisted the help of my Panasonic bread maker.  I know it is up to the job, as I took my time to buy it and looked at a detailed Panasonic SD-YD250 bread maker review before buying.

My machine has 3 choices of loaf sizes, settings for white, whole wheat, multigrain, french bread and cakes. It can even make sauces and preserves.

I have a large family and I use it a lot. It has a large capacity, so I know it can handle my next baking job.

I baked wholemeal, white, olive and ciabatta bread. I also cooked some fruit loaves and sponges.  I also made some cupcakes in the oven too.

The ‘Knee’s’ Up!

We set up the tables and the music started. I cannot tell you what a fun day it was.

Not only did we raise enough money for more than a six months supply of Ida’s medication, I think I may have signed up for a sponsored skydive to raise money for the next lot of medication too!!

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