Milkshake Magic (Let’s Shake)

There are a lot of things that I am fervently against in this modern world. Thanks to the internet there have been a lot of crazes and trends which have been awful and need to find a hole in the ground to die in. Examples off of the top of my head include: the rise of selfie sticks (I think everyone knows where anyone who uses these awful contraptions can stick them,) the Harlem Shake (which needs to shake itself off the end of the earth,) and twerking, which unless done by someone who can dance needs to not exist any more. If I was in back to the future, I would not have been worries about stopping the Libyan terrorists or trying to get my parents back together, I would have dedicated my entire time to stopping these god awful things from ever gathering any traction and becoming popular. That’s right, if I had the ability to time travel I would have forsaken my own existence to simply save future populations from having to go through the pain of having a selfie stick inadvertently stuck in your face.

However, for all of these negative points that have cropped up over the last few years there has been one shining beckon of hope in the list of trends that have taken over, and it comes in the shape of a delicious milk based beverage. You heard me right. Milkshake shops have really begun to spring up all over the place over the last few years and this is something I could not be more grateful for. Milkshakes, in my humble opinion, are the best thing man has ever invented and the fact that their brethren are becoming a more frequent site in our every day lives is something I am over the moon about.

The vast number of flavours you can experience in one delicious cup of joy is ridiculous nowadays. As long as you have a preferred chocolate bar you will have a preferred milkshake. Whether it be a Crème Egg, a bounty, or even Reese’s Pieces, you can have almost anything you wish to have in a milkshake. They are not even limited to just chocolate bars too, with many milkshake shops offering fruit varieties. Now I can never honestly say that I have been brave enough to try one of these fruity concoctions but I can only assume they will be delicious. Strawberry, banana, apple and even mango are all attractive propositions and one day I hope I can work up the courage to try one (or six.) If you are about to shout me down for the negative health connotations that come with milkshakes then I am here to prove you wrong. You can substitute the fatty milk that normally goes into these drinks for soy milk. You also have the chance to add in additional supplements like fibre and protein so they can help you to get your daily needs! Long story short, these drinks give everyone the chance to say let’s shake!

If you claim to not be a fan of milkshakes then I have two simple questions for you. Firstly, why on earth do you not like them? And secondly, have you ever actually tried a good one? Most people who proclaim not to like them have never actually tasted a milkshake that has been made the proper way with nice thick ice cream and an abundance of good quality ingredients backing it up. Until you have tasted one of these then you are not allowed to discuss your apparent dislike of them!

You do not really have an excuse not to be a fan of these creamy treats in this day and age. They are everywhere and you won’t be able to escape them so you may as well join the rest of us in our love for milkshakes. You can have as many flavours as you want so you are bound to find something you will like and if you don’t manage to I would be deeply shocked! There is something for everyone and they can be as healthy or as unhealthy as you want them to be, so why not try one!

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