Preparing Our House for Being Placed on the Market

After many years of being happy together, my husband and I were finally attempting to achieve our goal of owning the perfect home. Over the years we had grown in number from being just him and myself, to it being my husband, myself, our two daughters and two sons. Having four children meant that each of those children needed their own space to be themselves and develop their personality.

There were many things that we needed to do in order to prepare our current home to be inspected and appraised. This would take a few weeks so that we could make sure that everything was up to code in our home. My husband printed out the necessary regulations for home inspections and appraisals off of his computer at work and brought it home so the fun could truly begin.

Preparing the Inside and Out for Inspection

Having children really prevented us from keeping their creativity from releasing onto their bedroom walls. We decided once we packed up majority of the boxes that we would go behind and repaint the rooms so that there was no marker on the walls. We also fixed any dents or holes from our pictures and rough tussles between siblings. The freshly painted walls looked great and even made me consider painting the new house to match the themes of our bedrooms and living rooms.

We made sure that all of the duct work and the water pipes were sturdy and in place without leaks or cracks. As recommended by a local real estate agent years ago, we used the best water softener that money could buy in order to make it less harsh on our water pipes, as the water in our area was considered to be hard water. We made sure to give it another dose during the cleaning and fixing process so that it would be ready for the next homeowner.

After we had fixed up the inside for the inspection, it was time to work on the outside, which was truly the main attraction for the home. Over the years we had planted at least fifty different types of plants in our yard, creating a walkway, driveway, Gazebo area, and so much more. It was truly a masterpiece that we were skeptic about leaving, but knew that we could create a much better appearance with the next yard. We made sure to cut the grass and trim the bushes to be presented to the lucky candidates that were considering our home.

The Appraisal

We had two separate people come and appraise our home, as having more than one can ensure a certain amount for the home to be placed on the market. Many real estate agencies have their own inspector and appraiser, but we knew that we would need a firsthand look by someone who wasn’t in it to sell our home, but to give us a fair appraisal on what it was worth on the market today.

The appraiser arrived a few minutes early and was able to sit down with us and talk about the improvements that we had completed within the home since we moved into it. We only added a closet and a few shelves but it was enough to bring the price of the home up a little. He asked us other questions like if we had to replace anything such as windows, the air conditioning unit or anything that would have been a big bill at the time, maybe a roof patch.

We provided the information that he requested and even showed him logs of where we had spent the funds to retrieve the items and do the labor so the cost would not be that high. Everything that we had done was up to code for the project that we completed. He began to walk around the home and jot down notes of what it all was worth, from the ceiling to the floor boards and everything in between. Once he had completed his rounds, he gave us an estimate of what a great price would be for putting our house on the market. We were surprised, even though we needed a second opinion, the first one that we got was enough to purchase a new home and settle ourselves comfortably inside of it.

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