Secretariat Course to Study

Secretaries are found in all sorts of sectors. They are valuable to the success of any sector. Secretarial studies deal with the broad range of tasks, competencies, knowledge and skills used by secretaries during their daily work. Secretarial studies offer students the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skill. The knowledge obtained can be applied in all sorts of environment.

You are trained in this type of job, you are very unlikely to run out of job offers. If you become tired in one particular industry or sector, you can easily switch jobs from one sector to the other are not many jobs that offer the kind of employment flexibility that the secretarial job offers. There are other advantages to studying secretarial course which include, it can help get a quick start in your career, it will equip with skills valuable in another discipline and it can also enhance your CV.

Secretarial courses vary greatly, they cut across different aspects or fields. The time required to complete them varies also as well as the focus of each aspect. Before making your choice on which aspect to sturdy, you should have an understanding of the type of secretary you want to be and what you want to achieve as a secretary. However, choosing the aspect to focus on is a personal decision you should make on your own.

Major specialized courses in secretarial studies include personal assistant and administrative assistant. Although many people don’t know the difference between them, a personal assistant is actually different from an office or administrative assistant and a secretary. Depending on the working conditions or job requirements, the job of a secretary is different from that of a personal assistant or that of an administrative assistant. Other examples of secretarial courses are receptionist job, office administration, professional secretary courses.

Singapour like many other countries provides excellent training for those who want to study secretarial courses. Secretarial courses to attend in Singapore include virtual assistant diploma. A virtual assistant is an assistant that provides secretarial, creative and administrative services to a client from his home PC or laptop. There are also courses like personal assistant and musical secretary diploma.

A medical secretary provides clerical service in a hospital. The job includes billing and maintenance of files. Advance studies in office management. The duration of these courses varies as earlier started. For example, the virtual assistant duration is about 150 hours if you are studying it online with cost around 100SGD. The duration would be longer if you are too study it in school. The medical secretary would require you to put in around 15 hours at a cost of about 50SGD.

Whatever aspect you choose to study , one thing you must know is that being a secretary is a rewarding job. You get to have a vast knowledge of things you can apply to your everyday activity including your business. It will also make your employer know you take your job seriously since one of the qualities of a secretary is dedication to work.

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