Self-storage Lockers: Are You In Need Of One?

Does your life feel cluttered? Are you being smothered with all the excess stuff at your house?

Are you a business and with extra product and nowhere to put it? Are your adult kids or parents-in-law staying with you, along with all their stuff? It sounds like you are in need of a storage locker.

A self-storage locker is a windowless room, lined with corrugated steel. The door is generally a roll up metal door, but the smaller units have a lockable, hinged door. Most lockers are rent only, ranging from one to three month bills depending on the company’s rates. Most facilities provide 24 hour accessibility, allowing you to open your locker at any time. They have lights installed both along the hallways (if indoors) or inside the storage locker itself.

Self-storage is a great way to stash your belongings, no matter what your situation is.

It’s an easy way to clear some space and most self-storage units are not that complicated to use. There are two types of storage lockers. Indoor and outdoor, one being enclosed in a building and the other being separate containers lined up next to each other.

For example, Smartlock, Self Storage is a company centrally located in Montgomery County, Virginia. They offer outdoor safe, secured storage units with 24 hour access. The lockers are consistently monitored and maintained to ensure the integrity of your property. So, if you live in the area of Montgomery County, VA, give SmartlockStorage! a call or go online with the link provided to get started!

There are a few features offered for different lockers, depending on your budget and needs. If you’re going to store a lot of paper or paintings, you’ll need to rent a climate-controlled unit versus the standard model. The basic models even vary between units with a mesh wire roof to a fully enclosed and more secure set up. There are also different levels of security when it comes to self-storage lockers.

Most self-storage facilities today have security surveillance to help keep your items safe.

Generally, there are cameras, but at certain locations there is increased protection. For example, some places hire security guards to patrol the area, have individual door alarms, and/or some means of electronic gated entrances. These tactics are generally employed by a controlled access facility, but you’ll pay more for renting a unit from them. There are even sites that offer bio-metric thumbprint and hand scanners to make sure only you can enter your locker. Another bonus feature is an insurance policy, covering your property if offered by the facility.

There is evidence of self-storage in ancient China, but modern units were not made until 1958, when a company in Florida built the first one. In a couple of years, a Texas business started producing storage chains to service people locally. The demand for self-storage has greatly increased, causing storage facilities to crop up to provide for the demand. Around three thousand new buildings were built every year between 2000 and 2005. Today, there are thousands of facilities available all over the world.

The one setback about owning a self-storage unit in the U.S. is if you don’t pay your bill, the facility it’s located at can put your locker up for a public auction. The owners of the facility are required to notify the tenant of the outstanding debt, giving them a chance to settle. If the tenant fails to comply, the facility may sell whatever goods are in the locker to cover the debt and clear the space for future tenants. Whatever your needs are, self-storage can help.

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