Signs Your Child Needs Speech Therapy

The earlier you identify that your child needs speech therapy, the better for you and the kid. You need to take advantage of speech therapy services so that your child can maximize on learning during this critical time of their development. Once you identify the signs, the next step is to approach a speech therapist to help you correct the abnormally.

Why Is Speech Therapy Vital

Studies that have been published conclude that a child that has problems with speech is more likely to experience social difficulties such as interacting with their peers, which in turn affects their behavior. Other studies have shown that children that don’t get speech therapy at the right age end up experiencing problems with academic performance as well as having issues with their mental health. This is why it is vital that you don’t hesitate to get assistance when you realize your child needs speech therapy.

To eliminate the possibility of your child getting issues with their learning and social life, you need to try and identify the signs that your child needs the help of speech therapists in Singapore. The toddler’s pronunciation might be off, and he might also experience challenges putting sentences together. These can be normal when the child is in the toddler stage, but if the speech doesn’t improve over time, then there is a problem.

Signs to Watch out For

Here are a few signs that you need to watch out for that will tell you that the child needs help:

  • Your child will answer a question you present to them by repeating part of the question. He also takes time before coming up with the right answer to a simple question.
  • The child also doesn’t know how to say common words such as “bye”. He also fails to respond to common word games at a specific age.
  • When your child has speech problems, he will only say single words instead of sentences.
  • You will also notice that the child mispronounces common vowels such as “bow.” Instead, he says “ba.”
  • With time, you will realize that the child talks while using vowels mostly and skips the consonants.
  • The child uses a given word once and then avoids it altogether.
  • When using the basic reading practice book, the child fails to point to common objects in the book.
  • The child won’t feel irritated at all when you font know what he wants.
  • He doesn’t progress as required. He remains at the same point month after month.

This isn’t the definitive list of the signs that your child has a problem with speech. However, get worried when you notice one or two of the signs above and consult a speech therapist to get some advice and possible treatment.

What a Speech Therapist Can Do for You

Communication is an essential skill that everyone needs. You start learning about speech right from when you are young and build on it as you grow. Without it, you won’t be able to reach your full potential. To help your child develop the speech set to help him in future, you might need the help of a professional.

The therapist works with your child to assist with speech disorders that range from articulation delays to complex issues such as Down syndrome, autism, motor speech, hearing impairment and other developmental delays. The therapist comes up with a special approach depending on the needs of your child.

The Bottom-line

Don’t deny your child the ability to develop properly by ignoring his speech impairment. Make sure you work with the right therapist to give the child the ability to learn properly and live a proper social life.

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