Ways to Make your Employees be Punctual

Some employees just can’t make it to work on time. As a business owner, it is annoying. You want to get the best out of your workers and on the ways to do so is to ensure punctuality. Here’s how to do it.

Get ID Badges

One, ID cards will help you identify your employees. Most importantly, the cards will boost the efforts to have your workers report to work on time. Here’s how it works. Every employee will have to collect his or her badge at the reception before being allowed into the central working area. In other words, your worker will have to swipe his or her card at the main door to access the workstation.

When a worker is late, therefore, it means that he or she cannot work for the entire day. The only thing to do here is to make that you get the best ID cards with all the features you need to keep your employees in check.

Put your Feet on the Ground

At times, the only reason your employees come late to work is that you’re reluctant as a boss. You should let any worker know right from the first day that you don’t tolerate lateness. Make sure that the employee understands the consequences of reporting to work late for no reason. Also, tell him or her to that you will track arrival time. Plus, you should take disciplinary action for workers who don’t stick to the rules.

Talk to your Employees

It is essential that you talk to your employee to know why he or she is late for work habitually. In fact, you can only resolve chronic lateness informally. Once you identify a pattern, remind your worker that it is vital to be on time. Make sure that he or she understands your expectation. Also, allow your employee to explain why he or she is late to work to see if you can come up with a lasting solution. By dealing with the problem this way, you’ll  make him/her see a sense of coming to work early without being pushed.

Do Some Team Building

If you have many employees, be sure to go for retreats at least once or twice every year. That way, you’ll have the opportunity to mingle with your workers freely. Make sure that you discuss everything about the workplace. Seek to know the challenges your employees face on a day to day basis. Formulate solutions and come up with ways to create a better working environment for everyone. Discuss lateness and let your team know how it affects your business. Remind your workers about your company’s goal s and why they should be part of the bigger vision. Also, don’t forget to reward hardworking employees.

The Bottom Line

Employee lateness can affect your business negatively, and you should address it as soon as possible. Set a good example for your workers by arriving to work early. Don’t forget to use formal disciplinary measures. You may consider terminating your employee’s contract if the behavior doesn’t improve.

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