What Makes a Perfect Exercise Session?

Let’s say your buddy invited you out for a spontaneous hiking trip. While you’re not too thrilled about the hiking part, you accepted the invitation.

You wanted to get out of your house and that invitation was perfect!

When the day came, you also came to the realization that you’re dead weight. You should’ve just declined the invitation.

You are only slowing down the hike. You get exhausted and hungry too often. And you feel as if you’re preventing your buddies from having a majestic experience.

Well, in this case, maybe you should’ve just stayed home, indeed. But it doesn’t change the truth – you’re in bad shape.

To help you get back out there, you need to get around to some exercise.

Here’s what you can do to make your sessions perfect.

No distractions

Tell the people around you to leave you be for about 30 minutes. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes, too. And by then, be uninterrupted as you shape up.

If you choose to exercise when you’re distracted, you’re not doing yourself any favor. Distracted exercise is a killer.

To name a few, this is what counts as a distracted exercise: biking while racing with a friend, doing pull-ups while watching TV, and running with the intent of going faster than random cars.

It may seem sensible to exercise while you’re busy with another task, but you’re putting yourself at risk. Because you’re not 100% aware of your surroundings during this time, you can get injured.

For example, an exercise as simple as power walking. If your workplace is located in a building surrounded by heavy traffic, it’s not a smart idea to power walk your way there.

There are 2 dreadful possibilities if you insist on doing the exercise:

One, you could hit random people who are minding their own businesses. Or a vehicle could crash into you.

There is also the possibility that you’ll be perfectly fine. But why would you put yourself in such a situation?

Unfortunately, there are a bunch of people who engage in this type of exercise. And usually, these are the people who hate exercise.

Because they can’t tolerate minutes of physical activity, getting buried in a book, for example, while doing leg crunches works for them.

If you’re one of those people, the logical solution is to be careful. Just know that distracted exercise shouldn’t be your cup of tea.

Amazing music

Music has a huge role in how your exercise sessions turn out. It affects your pace and mood.

Tuning in to what the radio has to offer is a brilliant idea. Usually, FM stations play nothing but good music. But it’s not for everyone.

The whole point of exercise is to make yourself feel good. Do you think you can achieve that if you keep hearing cringe-worthy music?

If you play good music, your workout is most likely to turn out great. You’ll be on a high and it’s as if the world is your dominion.

And to lay both your cards on the table, you should know it could go the other way around, too!

So choose your music. Go with music that you like.

If you’re into alternative rock, for example, go with those. Download them into your portable music player and start jogging. With this approach, you’ll be surprised by how your mood is greatly lifted!

On the other hand, if you choose to load your music player with urban songs despite the full knowledge of disliking those beats, your exercise session is likely to end in a few seconds after you began. It’s demotivating and it will cause you to do other tasks instead – ones that you like.

And on a related note, if you’re yet to have those Bluetooth speakers, consider getting one. You can check out Speaker Digital for a list of reviews of top 20 awesome choices.

You would want a Bluetooth speaker when you exercise to be able to smoothly get around to some physical activities without losing your music. Those earbuds? They could get in the way of your flexibility!


Health is wealth. And one of the best ways to preserve that wealth is to exercise regularly.

Exercise will improve your immune system, boost body function, and safeguard your physical and mental wellness. It will help make you look good, too!

Sometimes, exercise sessions can end up going unexpectedly because of a person’s random encounters. If they do, don’t fret about it. Just do your best to get a fix of your much-needed physical activity.

Then again, there’s nothing wrong with wanting things to go perfectly. Especially if you have a type A personality, which basically makes you a perfectionist, you would want your exercise sessions to go well. If they won’t go as planned, you might start finding them problematic until you decide to ditch them.

So don’t hand yourself a reason not to exercise and instead, plan perfect sessions. You’ll find them more enjoyable!

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