You could have your own dream garage!

You will often hear people tell you that the living room is the most important room, the heart, of the house. That is nonsense. Well, if you’re not much of a nest builder and you like putting yourself to work rather than sitting in front of a television, it’s probably not true. It’s more likely that you’ll spend most of your free time in the garage. This is especially true if you have family members who are likely to hog the living room anyway. They think that they’ve exiled you to the garage, whereas in reality, you’ve escaped to paradise.

As the most important space in your home, you should try to make your garage as comfortable and pleasant a space as possible. This doesn’t mean going out and buying tapestries for the wall and an expensive rug, however. It should retain its character and be improved with its central purposes in mind.

The first thing you need to make sure of, is that your garage has a great door. There is no point in having an awesome interior if you’re just going to lock it up behind an old wooden door that thieves could remove in seconds, but you can’t seem to open at all with your rusty keys. Get yourself something state-of-the-art and lock it down with an incredible automatic door opener from

Next up, make sure that you have some definitive chill space in your garage. You’re going to need somewhere to sit down, relax, reflect on, and admire your work. If you’re serious about it, you’ll need a table, some chairs, a stereo system and a nice big fridge. Make it into a cool enough space and you’re sure to get the kids wanting to hang out in there. That’s perfect when you need a little assistant to fetch you your tools and do all the little jobs that you don’t like. There’s also something about working in a garage that means it’s ok for dad and the kids to enjoy a few beers at 10 a.m. – working up a sweat and getting your hands dirty should always be rewarded as soon as possible. Make sure you’ve got the lighting set up perfect for working on your cars, but also make sure it’s adjustable for when you’re chilling out. If it feels right, you may as well buy a nice bog flat screen TV to hang on the wall. That way, when the game is on, you and your buddies can watch it in peace.

In addition to a chill-out space, you’ll also need an area in which you can do your research and planning. This means cabinets for files and books which you can refer to when things start looking complicated. You might want to have a pace on the walls to put up plans which can easily be seen from the work area.

As for the work area itself, one of the best installation ideas is a hydraulic life. Or failing that, an electric one. There is no point in hurting yourself and making your life difficult by continually having to jack up and squeeze under your car when in your garage. A push of a button and the lift does it all for you. No need to set down your beer or your cigarette when working anymore.

Even though you have a lift installed now, you’ll still want to be on your back from time to time. The floor can get pretty cold in winter. Never mind the floor, actually 0 the whole place can become freezing if it’s not heated an insulated properly. That’s why it’s an all-round perfect solution to go ahead and get underfloor heating for your garage. While the rest of the family is covered in blankets, huddled around a cheap electric heater, you’ll be laid back in your shorts and vest, watching the Packers score another touchdown, as you crack open another ice cold Miller Lite.

In the summertime, the garage can get pretty hot. You don’t want to install air conditioning, though. Instead, make sure there is adequate ventilation and put of a couple of large ceiling fans. You’ll be in the shade and you’ll have adequate air circulating. It can be extremely dangerous to have recycled air in a garage due to the types of toxic fumes which can build up. Stick with the fans to be safe.

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